To convert a file from one format into another, the best option open for people is to use the document converter software. This software is a multi-utility product that has the capacity to convert documents in any format as may be required. This utility software can serve right to help people meet their immediate conversion needs. The software serves in every respect to convert readable files into editable documents. Just Download Document Converter Software and feel the delight to get file extension change done in no time.


This product is also available as a freeware and so people can use it for a short period to experience how it works. It can be said assuredly that this software will bring relief to users in the way file conversion can be done in short time. There is no anonymous or concealed method of conversion. The moment a request is filed for a format change, the conversion takes place immediately. In this way, users are kept in the forefront of an instant file change from one format to another. This Free File Converter Software is easy to download and its use is also simplified for its amazing user-friendly interface.

With the help of this amazing software product, it is very easy to change a PDF file into word, excel and other formats. The reverse is also possible with the Word to PDF Converter as it allows transforming word file to a PDF format very easily. This amazing product is undoubtedly the best form of file conversion software that is available in the market for users to experiment with. It consoles and contends people on every front irrespective of the kind of PC on which it is installed.

Do you prefer to create document in text format? Want to export documents in PDF formats? If yes, then, Word to PDF Converter tool would be best alternative for you.  As we know, most of the PC users choose to write their content in Microsoft word format because this format has many in-built features including spell check, templates, styles and thesaurus. On the other hand, other formats do not offer such advanced features. So, instantly Download Document Converter Software from akick.


Most of the bloggers and writers like to write on word page. Later, they convert their blogs and articles in another format. Indeed, Microsoft word facilitates you to write faster and error free content. Free File Converter helps them to convert that content in desired format.

If we elaborate more about our Free File Converter Software, then we would like to let you know that it supports many other formats along with PDF, for instance, HTML, DOC, Word, DOCX, EPUB, MOBI and WPS. To start conversion process, initially, you need to download Document Converter Software on your computer. Once it gets installed, it gets activated automatically. Thereafter, drag and drop or upload your document on the application. In next step, choose the format of existing file. Then, select the format in which you want to convert the document. At last, click on ‘Convert’ option. In couple of seconds, your document will convert in your preferred format.

By following these simple steps, you can convert documents in other formats too. Hence, head to Word to PDF Converter software and save your crucial time.

AKick Software, One-Stop Destination to Download PC protection related Software

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Akick software, one of the most discussed software Development Company due to its admirable job in offering best PC protection related software. The company has long list of products that has made space among millions of PC users. In simple terms, our company is an arena of significant and widely used products including Akick PC Optimizer, Best Free Antivirus Software, Password safeguard software, Total security, Data recovery and Document converter software.


The recent figures about software downloads have revealed its rapidly growing popularity which entices PC users to head towards it. To accomplish the business objectives, our management team has done commendable job to offer ease of product usage so that more and more PC users can get the benefits of it. Our job is not confined up to product delivery only, but we stay with our customers till they need us. If any customer gets stuck with installing, activating, and operating the tool, we stay available to back them.

At present, our Document Converter Software is declared as one of the most downloaded tool of our company. Nowadays, system security has been the prime concern among the PC users. In this context, our leading antivirus software ensures the users to protect their PC’s network security. Our antivirus disables every cyber-attack with its integrated features. For compressive info, we recommend to land on AKick Software.

In context of live tech support, we stay accessible round the clock. Our immaculate identity draws users to opt for downloading our PC booster and PC optimizer software.

Often, you need to convert text document into your desired format but you do not get an ideal software to do that. Thus, AKick software has introduced Free File Converter packed with many interesting features. Well, there are hundreds of websites that offer Document Converter Software to convert files from one format to other formats. Suppose, you have to convert your text document into PDF file, then you can simply head towards our Document Converter Software.


With help of Free File Converter, you can effortlessly convert your document into DOC, DOCX, PDF, EPUB, WPS and HTML formats within seconds of downloading. It is quite simple to grab this software. At first, visit AKick and click on download button. In few seconds, the software will be yours. Then after, installing it on the PC, it is ready to use.

It has fast and easy single-click process. Simply, drag your files and drop into Free File Converter. Then, choose the format in which you want to convert your file. After selecting, click on convert option. In next few seconds, your converted files will be available at your preferred location. Finally, you can save it for further use. In course of action, converter software gently extracts your text document.

It is designed with user-friendly interface so that anyone can operate it without facing any trouble. Along with word document, you have an option to convert colour images as well. For it, you need to set the resolution, dimension of the image. This software is very handy and useful, especially in offices. Hence we indeed suggest you to Download Document Converter Software.

One of the most terrifying experience for any PC user is getting infected by Malware and spyware. That is why, it is important to be aware beforehand about malicious virus attacks. Downloading Computer antivirus software can be best way to keep an eye on such virus attacks. Akick software invites you to Download Best Free Antivirus Software that effectively works against all vulnerabilities. It is offered as free trial version with many innovative features. Along with it, we also offer paid version that provides you integrated protection of your PC.


On the other hand, hackers keep trying to ruin your PC’s important data and information. Therefore, picking best antivirus software becomes a very crucial step. Antivirus software efficiently scans for hacks and removes all viruses.

Actually, problem starts when you use internet on the PC. The internet is a prime reason behind penetration of virus in PC. Then there is the slowing down problem too. So, you can also Download PC Optimizer Software that helps to revive your PC’s original speed. Out of PC booster and Computer antivirus software, our PC optimizer software also diagnoses PC’s malfunctions. Issues pointed out by antivirus software make you aware about your PC’s current condition. As far as booster software is concerned, it is laced with user-friendly interface through which any one can easily operate it.

Thus, we strongly recommend you to install internet and PC security software immediately to keep your PC in good shape. invites to visit and Download PC Booster Software and PC optimiser software. Before you get puzzled about installing process of this software, please call on 1800-813-3481.

Nowadays, downloading Computer Antivirus Software on your PC is a necessary task because the sudden breakdown of computer operating system has been common due to vigorous virus attacks. As we witnessed advancement in technology, fears of cyber-attack also increased among PC users. It destroys all data within seconds. It can ruin the operating system and can make it worthless.

The PC contains the abundance of imperative data and information which we cannot afford to lose. Thus, we need a computer antivirus software to provide protection against virus attacks.  Keeping our PC safe from hacker’s attacks also seems a difficult task.  Basically, hackers are the group of people who steal our personal information from the PC illegally. They often try to hack bank accounts, credit cards, and other secret details from our PC.

Therefore, you must have an effective tool that can protect the PC from hackers’ attacks.  Needless to say, hackers are living viruses which destroy PC’s data completely. Our computer antivirus software prevents our PC’s secret information from hacking.

Interestingly, the best malware removal tool extends the life of PC by protecting PC’s operating system and hardware. For free downloading, you need to visit our website  Full version is also available on the website which has many benefits. You can get it on reasonable price. By the way, cost should not be a major concern when it comes to PC security. In order to resolve your malware removal tool related problems, we offer online tech support where you can share every minor to major issues.

Are you exhausted with unnecessary or useless programs and applications on your PC?  Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remove or uninstall several unwanted programs and applications from your PC. Under such circumstances, an Uninstaller software can be a perfect tool to get rid of all these unwanted files. Let’s try to understand, what it can do exactly?

Well, we often download programs as per our requirements. In time, you notice that there are many hidden programs which run on your PC without your notice which occupy huge space. At the end, you may need to uninstall all needless applications so as to save space.

Basically, the process of uninstalling an application should be simple which our Perfect uninstaller software already has. Owing to its user-friendly interface, you can uninstall any program and application just in few seconds. First, you have to choose an app which you want to uninstall. Then, click on uninstall icon. In next few seconds, app will get uninstalled. Interestingly, Perfect uninstaller software scans your PC’s registry for leftover files. If there are any leftover files then it will instantly detect and remove.

In addition, corrupt applications do not uninstall directly. Thus, you need to use force uninstaller feature of Uninstaller software. This innovative feature helps to eradicate such applications that cannot be removed easily or directly. No matter what kind of program and application you wish to get rid of, this software can remove it instantly. Perfect Uninstaller is designed with handy interface. Non-techno savvy people can easily operate it without any obstacles and guidance. Nevertheless, if you need to know something more about this software, then you can directly visit