Often, many people do not prefer to share text document with others on professional front.  On the contrary, people use other formats when it comes to exchanging data. PDF is among one of the most preferred formats so far. PDF implies ‘Portable Document Format’. To convert the document in PDF and other formats, Akick software appeals you to Download Document Converter Software from its website. PDF, a non-editable format, is considered one of the simplest and safest formats for PC users.


Whether you are operating small or a large business, there may be many strategies applying which efficiency of businesses can be increased. The point is how well you understand the small and big things that are going on in your office. Data conversion is one of the important tasks carried out in offices. However, many people overlook it.

If you are backed with Free File Converter Software, then it can help you to increase the work efficiency of your business. In span of seconds, this ware converts the existing document into multiple formats. Instead of creating documents separately, choosing this tool may be your best decision. The Document Converter Software supports TEXT, DOCX, RTF, Excel, HTML, GIF, JPG, PPT, and JPEG formats. If you are concerned about its functioning, then we would like to inform you that it is designed with user-friendly interface. Besides, its upgraded version unleashes many interesting features which are available on one year subscription basis. Nevertheless, if you want to experience trail version of Free File Converter Software, then open the company website for easy download.

Are you bothered by password loss or forgetting your personal details oftentimes? Do not worry, because Akick software has introduced Password Safeguard Tool that enables you to store your all important details safely. The significant details could be bank details, personal accounts, and social media site details. Indeed, remembering important password, debit card, credit card and other important details are a big headache for PC users. The personal data can be lost by a user due to many reasons including system crash. To resolve these critical issues, our company has taken a smart step by designing Password safeguard tool.

Instead of having a same password for all ids, users prefer to create separate password for every id. Because for any person, it is hard to remember all passwords. Moreover, this application helps to protect the stored details against any sort of virus attack. It also enables to apply user password so that your personal data may remain safe.

Alongside, this tool is also known as Password Recovery software. In the event of lost and forgotten password, it helps to recover the password instantly. It is available in trial and paid versions. Users who want to get its first-hand experience can simply download its trail version. Password recovery software’s premium or paid version is loaded with additional features. Users can grab its premium version at affordable price based on a one year subscription. This handy interface software is downloaded by lacs of PC users. If you have any query about its functioning and its use, then you can directly discuss with our technical experts.

Keeping documents in the right format and converting them to desired forms whenever a necessity arises is the task of the document converter. This PC tool is created innovatively to help people get their files changed into any format that is required. So, now maintaining office documents has become simple with the installation of this software. What is required is to Download Document Converter Software from a reliable website and then start changing files to desired formats.


It is a Free File Converter Software as the download happens without paying any fee. So, people can use it as a freeware to get an idea about how the software functions. However, with activation, the user is given full authority and admin controls. Then, people can use this software to convert any file to formats such as xls, htm, docx, ppt, jpg, and others as may be the requirement. So, now a single document can be converted to multiple file formats with the help of this tool.

This is what makes users feel great as now offices can be managed with ease and there remains no limitations in storing data in multiple forms. The OCR technology of this software is another great stride as it allows extracting text from an image file. So, now users can easily extract text from multiple files and later use them to edit and create a document file. This has certainly eased office work and so now offices can be better managed. This software also has a file locking option that enables every file to be locked with a password to keep it safe.

Certainly, Download Document Converter Software has justified its role in recent years. Therefore, Akick software has launched upgraded version of this significant tool that has many extra features. In this regard, the company has added an OCR feature in the software. OCR basically helps to extract text from the image so that it can be edited later. Likewise, it supports most of the important formats that are used on professional front, for instance, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, HTML, TXT, RTF, TIFF, XML, JPG, BMP and PNG.


When it comes to using a new software any user may find it annoying to learn its functions as a new product is usually loaded with innovative features and unique interface. PC users may also face difficulties in activating and operating the Free File Converter Software. Thus, we would like to inform you that it is designed with user-friendly and simple interface. So, users can operate it without any technical assistance. Nonetheless, if anyone witnesses any obstacle while installing and activating the Free File Converter Software, then do not hesitate to dial our toll-free number. Our company assists people to share their issues directly with our team of developers who have created this software.

The document converter tool can convert:

  • Image to PDF file
  • TXT into PDF file
  • DOCX into PDF, RTF, XML and HTML files
  • EXCEL into PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, CSV, TXT and XML files
  • PDF into MS Word, JPG, TIFF, XLS, HTML, TXT and XML files

Moreover, users do not need to stay worried about the quality of converted data. The reason is Document Converter Software maintains quality in all converted documents. It extracts accurate content from existing documents while converting into another format.

Instead of creating documents separately in various formats, considering use of the Free File Converter Software certainly would be a nice thing to do. It is a tool that has simplified the data conversion process completely. So, Akick software is pleased to invite users to install this tool and to get the benefits of it. Download Document Converter Software is an application that is used to convert text documents into multiple formats quickly. It has competence to convert a document into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, TEXT, DOCX, Excel, HTML, RTF, PPT, GIF, JPG and JPEG formats. It is designed with a handy interface so that everyone can use it without any hurdles.


You probably find yourself perplexed when you need to make copies of a document in several formats but there is no time for it. In that case, you may seek for an innovative solution. Free File Converter Software offered by Akick software is indeed a perfect solution.

Generally, PC users like to create documents in text format but they do not share docs in the same format. But, what is the reason for this? Simple, due to security concerns. In text format, anyone can make changes without permission. So, chances of data misuse increases. On the contrary, PDF is a non-editable format. No one can exploit the data in PDF format.

Therefore, PC users prefer to exchange data in PDF format only. Consequently, our company recommends users to visit our website to grab Word to PDF converter. In fact, this is a virus-free and tested tool that allows conversions of files in desired formats. For safe and secure downloading, explore our website.

To save time and to cut cost on professional front, Akick software has introduced Free File Converter tool. Instead of creating documents separately in different formats, you must download Document converter software. Creating documents separately is time consuming and lengthy process which is not considered a good approach. Innovation in data conversion tool has almost resolved this problem. Now by using this tool, you can convert text document into multiple formats quickly. This software has big use in offices.

Generally, people spend hours in typing documents. Meanwhile, they do not get time for other important tasks.  So, the best way to increase work productivity is to use the free file converter tool. Interestingly, in offices Word to PDF converter is perceived to be the best. The reason is on most occasions, PC users choose to exchange data in PDF format. This format is declared as safest so far. This format does not enable users to edit anything without their permission. Consequently, no one can make changes in existing content. So, chances of misuse become very low.

Word to PDF converter supports all significant formats that are needed in office environment. This includes TEXT, DOCX, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, RTF, PPT, Excel, HTML GIF, JPEG and JPG. Similarly, it is compatible with every operating system. When it comes to its interface, then it is indeed seamless. In fact, users can feel the ecstasy while using it. For instant installation, you just have to visit our site. Finally, for technical assistance, Akick software appeals you to make direct contact on 0120-6500-581.

You might be looking for Free File Converter Software, then AKick software is right place where this tool is available in its latest version with more advanced features and accuracy.


Since Download Document Converter Software came into existence, it is continuously getting more popular and a needful tool. Now, PC users do not waste time on creating separate files in different formats. They just put files in the tool to convert into some desired formats. In next few steps, they get their files converted in desired formats. Word to PDF converter supports TEXT, XLS, PPT, DOC, RTF, PPT, GIF, JPG, JPEG, and HTML formats.

In simple terms, we can say this tool is used to convert text file into multiple formats in seconds. If you discuss about most preferred format on professional front, then PDF remains on top. But why? Simple! It is one of the most secured and a non-editable format. No one can make any change on the document without your permission. PDF format allows you to save and read the files only.

So, when it is about data exchange, PC users like to exchange the file in PDF format. Our company evokes you to install our Word to PDF converter. It is very handy to use because of its enticing interface. Nevertheless, if any user faces problems while installing and activating data conversion tool, then you can take help of our technical support team who stays available 24 hours to help you out. Most importantly, our website ensures virus-free downloading of Free File Converter Software.