Optimizing a lethargic PC becomes significant, when it is specially an office PC. When any PC gets slowed down gradually with time, you start losing your interest to operate it or you get frustrated. However, you can revive the original speed if you Download Best Free PC Optimization Software. During scanning, it unearths all cookies, cache files, junk files, registry errors, temporary files, residue, stray files, corrupt files, etc. It also detects all PC vulnerabilities that have affected the PC’s performance. This best free PC optimizer forcefully eradicates all of them out of PC in few seconds so that its performance can be resumed once again. PCs responding time also get increased. This software suggests you to disable all pointless applications which occupy space unnecessarily.


Akick software has introduced the best PC booster which dramatically enhances the speed of PCs. The reason is it is adorned with many powerful features that makes it faster and effective. Without hampering your office work for long, it quickly boosts up the PC to improve its speed. Meanwhile, it clears all unwanted items, and it also suggests you to clear duplicate files, short-cuts, browsing history, etc.

Best PC Booster Software does not let your PC to become an abode of unnecessary stuff. Therefore, it effortlessly removes them to make your PC free from unwanted things. This tool can be downloaded promptly from Akick software’s website. If you are looking for long-term well-being of your PC, then we appeal you to go for its paid version which is available on one-year subscription basis.

In today’s technological sphere, plenty of new software knock the door every single day. Some of them are taken hand in hand, and many of them get vanished very early in the market.  Free Document Converter Software is a kind of tool that has realized its need on the professional front for its quick file conversion and add-on features. It is easy to use because of its simple interface. Just drag and drop your document into the converter to convert it into multiple formats. These multiple formats can be pdf, text, doc, docx, html, ppt, jpg, rtf, png, xml, xls, tiff, etc. Besides, Free File Converter Software’s OCR feature has also grabbed attention of office PC users.

akick-document-converterInstead of retyping entire text from the image file, you can get benefit of its OCR feature that is used to extract text from the image file with high resolution and accuracy. Later, extracted text can be used for editing purposes too. It’s up to you and your needs. In addition, Word to PDF Converter also has a set of add-on features. This set includes Split PDF, Merge PDF, Lock and Unlock PDF.

In terms of security, PDF format stays as most preferred format. Thus, we provide word to PDF converter so that you can convert text documents into PDF format for sharing it with others. As non-editable format, it does not permit anyone to make changes on it. So, PC users can safely and confidently share their piece of information in PDF format to others. Hence, Akick Software invites you to get benefits of Free Document Converter Software features to improve on work productivity in your office.

Many times, it seems difficult to figure-out actual problem behind sluggish performance of PC. So, Akick software has brought Best Free PC Optimizer that automatically detects all key problems which you cannot find on your own. With steady use, lot of bugs, registry errors, temporary files dramatically settle in the PC which finally make the PC slow. PC users generally overlook the situation till unwanted stuff do not malfunction PCs completely. Therefore, our company has designed Best Free PC Optimization Software. This software is configured strongly so that it can eradicate all unnecessary items as fast as possible.


We strongly recommend this software to office PC users who do not want to undergo with lethargic performance of PCs during office hours. As office PC user, you may not stay content with speed of your new PC. So, you can boost up your PC by installing our Best PC Booster Software. Not only PC speed, it also boosts internet speed, as it clears all browsing history.

System’s response time also becomes better than before. By removing pointless stuff, PC’s storage space gets freed-up. At the end, it accelerates your PC at its zenith. Moreover, it prevents your PC from crashes. Now, needless to say, it is the best remedy for your sick PC without damaging your operating system. It can easily configure your PC because it is designed by experienced developers who have considered every nuances while creating this tool. To clear your doubts, you can stay in touch with us. On your special recommendation, we can also connect you with our developers who have created the best PC booster and free pc optimization software.

Commercially launched software has its high flying attributes that help systems gain what they need. The protection shield offered by such software offers great security to PCs. This ware makes every system work better due to its far etched protection. Such Best free computer software in India can be found on internet and it helps to keep your system in a decent state.


Of course, there are many software to be found on internet that can help to better a PC’s condition. Some of the software to be listed are PC Booster, PC Optimizer and Document Converter & Password Safeguard Tool. These ware work greatly to help systems regain their speed, stay optimized, and also convert one file format to another. The password safeguard is used to protect files and folders from theft by keeping them protected with a password.

The presence of such tools on a computer ensures smarter browsing, easy working, and easy fixes of viruses and malware too. For example, the PC Optimizer software is developed very innovatively so as to speed up systems and clean its registry. Hence, what happens is the computer stays free from viruses and malware too while it stays optimized to display a better performance.

Such Best free computer software are plenty and you just need to search them on internet. Users just need to open reputed sites and get these software downloaded on their computers. These products can certainly enhance and better the performance of computers. Thereafter, systems start to exhibit greater speed and higher feats.

To prioritize ease of use, the Free Document Converter Software is launched to bring document conversion into different formats without facing any difficulty. The tool brings in instant conversion of files into different formats with much ease. What happens is files are uploaded on the document converter software in a specified format that are later converted into required formats based on the need of the user. It works on all OS with the same efficiency and brings results as desire1Now content of a file can be kept intact while transforming it into another format. A PDF file can be converted into readable forms with the help of this free file converter software. It leverages ease of use and prioritizes data conversion into different forms without the user putting much effort to bring about the conversion. It opens options for annotation and editing of files during or after their conversion process.

The benefit of good customer support service also opens up scope so that people can stay worry free and keep the Document converter in a good working condition. The word to PDF converter is in tremendous use these days as it has the capacity to convert any type of file into different forms. This is why this document converter software is highly relied upon in the industry. There is also the OCR facility that allows extracting text from an image file without having to type the content from the image. The digital notes created on a file can be used to recreate the same content in different forms and in other formats.

An urban myth might just turn out to be true as files and folders containing important data can be hacked or stolen by hackers. The fear psychosis is growing among PC users who find this to be a potential threat. To overcome this kind of threat, the Password Safeguard Tool is launched by Akick Software to help remove this fear with ferocity. This tool works well and puts a password on any file or folder saved on drives of PCs.

The Password Manager Software can be relied upon to provide security to data stored on any drive of a computer. Once a password is set, users will have to enter the password to retrieve the file or folder back to its original form. In this way, the contents of the folder can be kept safe. It keeps your folders safe and helps to secure the data from getting lost. This tool has become a necessity of business organizations as without its presence, it becomes very difficult to keep data safe.

So, when a file or folder is password protected, then even if download of infection laden apps is carried out, it becomes possible to keep the data safe from virus attacks. That means no hacking or phishing attempts can become successful and virus penetration does not happen on a protected file or folder. It stops spreading of any kind of infection and at-least a protected folder does not have to encounter any problem from virus intrusions. There remains no flaws and henceforth any attempt to hack data gets totally defeated.

Keeping aside all document conversion related concerns, Akick software has come up with upgraded version of Free Document Converter Software. In new edition of this software, the company has introduced many cutting-edge features that are beneficial on professional front. Even through, you have bulk of documents for conversion, this software has calibre to convert documents into multiple formats in span of seconds. It not only converts document, along with it, it also compresses documents while conversion to free up the space.


For business prospects, need of Free File Converter Software is soaring. Every business holds big documentation work, and employees conduct business meetings too. So, this software helps employees to prepare business proposals and presentation in various formats in more effective way.

Considering demand of PDF format our company offers Word to PDF Converter to PC users. Simply, PDF remains most preferred document when it comes to exchanging files. It releases all odds and makes pdf the best file to be brought to use.

On many occasions, PC users also wish to extract text from image file instead of retyping entire text in word file which seems hectic and a time-consuming process. Hence, company has introduced OCR feature in Word to PDF Converter. First, it scans the document, then extracts text in high resolution so that it can be edited later.  In addition, add-on features of this tool have also added feather to its cap. The add-on features includes Split PDF, merge PDF, lock PDF and unlock PDF. With time-saving, it also reduces the use of paper in organisations. It also helps to cut staffing cost. Most importantly, it controls the storage space. The company provides this software on one-year subscription basis, if you want it for professional reasons.